Memorial Service Photo/Videography
Preserving Your Tribute


I can't tell you how impressed I am at how you handled my family.  Thank you.
- Curtis B., San Antonio, Texas, May 2009
*  *  *
Bil is a true professional. He was very thorough but discreet. I didn't even notice he was present at our memorial celebration. The photos and videos are  is beautiful reminders of a wonderful man's life.
- Karen P., San Antonio, Texas, September 2014

*  *  *
Even though the weather was horrible, Bil did a great job capturing Uncle Hugh's burial service at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery.  We want to thank him for the pictorial memories (both still and movie).  We can share them with the family who were unable to attend the service. 
- Peggy McC., San Antonio, Texas, March, 2010
*  *  *
We appreciate so much of what you've done!  Bil, you went above and beyond.  What a gift you've given us all.
- Donna & Joe K.
, Rock Island, Illinois, December, 2009
*  *  *
The video is fabulous and I know her sister will feel like she was there.
- Martha C, San Antonio, Texas
, May 2010
                                                                                        *  *  *
My only regret is that my family didn't know of your services when mother passed.  Thank you for, as you say, "Preserving (our) tribute"  to our father in such a beautiful, respectful manner. 
- Howard W., San Marcos, Texas, September 2009
*  *  *
The pictures came out great.  I didn't even know you were there.  Thanks for the memories.
- Martha E., Gonzales, Texas
, March 2010
*  *  *
Thank you so much for the wonderful photo and video story you captured for our dear father's funeral.  We had many out-of-state relatives who were unable to travel to the service, and it was important to us that they share in the service through your video.  You spent time with us getting to know who Al was, and learning about his military career, love of family and love of his church.  This was then reflected in the images you gathered.  You were unobtrusive and respectful of our family during the services.

We knew that Al would be buried with full honors at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, and wanted to make sure to remember this special service.  The pictures you took at this ceremony were graceful, respectful and moving.  Our daughters and their children will know what a special man their grandfather was, and we owe you a great deal of thanks for providing this for our family. 

- Mr. & Mrs. Michael W., Conroe, Texas
*  *  *
Bil, our family is delighted with the pictures you were able to capture at Ft Sam this week. Great job!
- Jay P, San Antonio, Texas, February 2012

Thank you for your beautiful photographs and video of my husband's services.  It is a wonderful tribute to him.  Through this my children will be able to experience this day honoring him.  Your compassion during this time was greatly appreciated.
- Brooke S., New Braunfels, Texas, June 2010
*  *  *
The pictures are absolutely beautiful!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  I'll never forget this service and how you made it so memorable for us.
- Karen L., Austin, August 2010
*  *  *
Thank you for capturing all of those important moments.  Your work is beautiful and will be cherished by my family for years to come.
- Dione G., Austin, Texas, November 2010
*  *  *
Thank you for the wonderful pictures and video of my husband's funeral.  I know you were called at the very last minute.  It's such a great thing to have the pictures and video to look back on.  The day was such a blur and so emotional that I have no clear memories except those you recorded for me.  Thanks again.
- Stephanie C., Austin, Texas
*  *  *
The photos arrived today; they turned out beautiful!  Thank you so much for everything.  Appreciate all you did to create the video and for the memories that we will have for years to come.
- Diana J., Austin, Texas, March 2010
*  *  *
The video turned out beautifully and was done very well.  We especially liked your selection of music and could not have picked a better choice.  Both of us would like to extend our gratitude for a job well done and are very pleased with the outcome.
- Gina S., Canyon Lake, Texas

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